Thailand Business Visa

Thailand Visa

Undeniably, many applicants perceive a Thailand business visa as a simple requirement. Indeed, this is a prerequisite. But then again, what these individuals do not recognize is that this visa presents indispensable benefits to its holders. Check the page Non-Immigrant B Visa for information about applying for a business visa in Thailand and the work permit application page.

Advantages of a business visa

Legal entry – Evidently, Thailand’s business-related visas secure the legality of entry of its holders. Legal entry should not be taken for granted. Through the years, many foreigners have been deported due to the lack of necessary requirements. The worst case scenario is that one could be imprisoned and blacklisted. Once an individual is blacklisted, entering Thailand for whatever purpose becomes complicated. Such situation automatically translates to losing potential business opportunities.

Protection of one’s rights – Moving into foreign territories, much more, starting a business must be performed with utmost caution. Foreigners are very much exposed to different risks due to their unfamiliarity with the new set of laws and policies. Visas, in general, are the best line of defense that aliens can have in Thailand. It ensures that the rights of their holders are well-protected and respected. In the event where they need help from their respective embassies, they can be easily accommodated. Diplomatic missions may find it hard to defend illegal entrants. As such, the business visa provides security.

Work permit issuance – A work permit is highly necessary before an organization begins its operation. Yet, this cannot be issued without a Thailand business visa. This is the appropriate document that one must obtain to work legally in Thailand. Others may consider the idea of getting a tourist visa, then change to a non immigrant visa and apply for a work permit. This is of course, an unsound decision. It must be remembered that visas are issued for specific purposes. If the visa does not support the purpose of entering Thailand, this may restrict its holders from performing other activities.

Convenience and mobility – Thailand business visas have multiple-entry privileges, thus enabling its holders to go back and forth to the country. Despite of the minor hassles present in visa applications, indeed, the advantages of the Thailand business visa cannot be ignored, for it renders significant incentives that cannot be accommodated by other types of visa.


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