Marriage Registration in Thailand

Marriage registration in Thailand is a straightforward process for couples who follow the correct procedures. However, it can be confusing if the couple is not familiar with Thai law. The first step in the process is for foreigners to get clearance from their embassies. This ensures that both parties are free to marry according to […]

Marriage in Thailand

Marriage in Thailand is an important life-course event that marks a significant transition in women’s lives. It is often a stepping-stone to financial and social security in the future. Foreign nationals marrying in Thailand must obtain an affirmation of freedom to marry from their embassy or consulate before proceeding to Thailand. This document must then […]

Child Legitimation in Thailand

While the father’s name may be on a child’s birth certificate, it does not automatically give him any rights or parental responsibility. In Thailand, children born outside of marriage must be legitimized through a court order or government registration. A father can apply for registration of his child’s legitimacy at an amphur with the mother’s […]

Child Support in Thailand

Under Thai family law, parents are obligated to provide financial support for their children until they reach legal age. This can be settled by mutual agreement or a court order. It should cover basic expenses such as food, shelter, medicines and education. This article will explore the current child support policy in Thailand, which is […]

Filing of Divorce in Thailand

The divorce registration process is simple and easy. The couple can register the uncontested divorce at the district office (Khet or Amphur) where they registered their marriage. A contested divorce is a court divorce where one party to the marriage is given recourse to go to the courts to end the marriage on grounds provided […]

Child Custody in Thailand

Child Custody in Thailand

Child custody cases are handled in Thailand’s Family Courts. These courts place children’s best interests above anything else. They consider both parents’ behavior and child development issues closely. Thailand judges make custody decisions based on a combination of factors. Generally, a parent will get custody of a child if both parents are physically and mentally […]

Divorce in Thailand

Divorce in Thailand

Divorce in Thailand can be a complicated process. There are many forms of divorce, including uncontested divorce, contested divorce, and administrative divorce. In addition, there are differences in the way property is divided. For this reason, it is vital to understand how the process works before beginning the process. Uncontested Divorce If you want to […]