Breach of Contract in Thailand

Navigating breach of contract disputes requires an understanding of contractual terms, legal principles, and negotiation strategies. A commitment to preserving commercial relationships and exploring resolution methods that are efficient and culturally sensitive can help ensure the best results. A breach of contract can have serious consequences for business operations in Thailand. This article provides a […]

Personal Injury Claims in Thailand

Many tourists become victims of accidents caused by negligence during their stays in Thailand. In some cases an insurance policy might not cover all actual injuries and therefore victims may consider making a personal injury claim against the perpetrator. The civil law in Thailand stipulates that anybody who willfully or negligently unlawfully damages another person […]

Medical Malpractice in Thailand

Medical Malpractice is defined as an act or omission by a healthcare professional that falls below accepted standards of practice and causes injury to the patient. This includes unskilled, inadequate or neglectful treatment as well as wrongful diagnosis and failure to warn patients of known health risks. Societies want medical professionals to be motivated to […]

Trade Disputes in Thailand

Trade disputes can impact economic activity and employment in Thailand. These disputes can arise over issues such as: When negotiations are unable to resolve a dispute, the WTO provides for a mechanism for resolving trade conflicts in a transparent and rules-based manner. This article will examine these mechanisms. Disputes are resolved through a process of […]

Labor Disputes in Thailand

Terms of employment, working time and overtime payment and relocation of workplace issues are some of the reasons for labour disputes in Thailand. Employers need to understand and follow the rules and regulations set forth by law in order to avoid a legal dispute with their employees. At Juslaws & Consult, we can advise you […]

The Thai Legal System – Civil and Criminal Cases

In Thailand, cases are decided by a judge. Unlike in the West, there is no jury system. Civil and criminal cases are argued in a hierarchy, with cases first filed with the Court of First Instance. Decisions from this court can be appealed to the Court of Appeals and to the Supreme Court. Legal System […]